About our Chef Selcuk

Chef Selcuk Biography

Selcuk Atasayar was born in 1980, Kirikkale, Turkey. With a profound love for basketball and dreams of becoming a player, Selcuk’s father pushed him to learn waitressing instead, believing waiting tables would earn him a lot of money. By the age of 17, with the influence of a friend he opted to study culinary artsat the Tourism and Culinary Arts High School in Izmir, where he learnt the arts of cooking Turkish food niching in Ala Carte, pastry making and how to manage. On attaining his diploma in the course, he found employment in several hotels where he put his training to use during the tough winter season.

In 2001- 2007, Selcuk decided to take further studies in Anatolian Tourism High School in Eskisehir, and took an interest in technical programs in chemicals in the university life at the Kirikkale University Refinery and Petrochemicals Industry.

Chef Selcuk Career Biography

Aside from working in several restaurants in Izmir and Ankara, Turkey specializing in Ala Carte, he flew out to Dubai in 2008 where he landed his first job inGrosvenor House Luxury Hotel. In 2011, he moved out to join the Jumeriah Group Hotel as a Sous Chef.


A great part of any restaurant success lies in the training which is very much based on Chef Selcuk’s beliefs.

Selcuk has achieved the finest training in his course wherein he has trained numerous staff under his guidance into kitchen staffs/ chefsregardless of race, ethnicity or religion. What goes into training is the cooking and serving; menu preparation; basic food hygiene and safety, being aware of the market and financials; and knowing the customer profile in the locality.

With the new Dolmabache restaurant opened that serves authentic Turkish food, he reckons it would be challenging at the best of times. High class distinction and a fine taste for food is what the restaurant aims to achieve, and the training that he provides will continue to please the customers, considering the core staff hails from Turkey.

Awards & Recognition

In 2009, being part of the Emirates Culinary Guild, he bagged the title of The Middle East Junior Chef of the Year and was awarded the silver medal for Practical Cookery in the lamb, local fish and beef sector. He carried on the title for another year and bagged the gold medal for Practical Cookery - Emirati Cuisine Fish.

In 2010, Chef Selcuk has participated in the Diner Amical of the Confrerie de la Chaine des Rotisseurs, in which the society itself is based on the traditions and practices of the old French Royal Guild that is dedicated to fine cuisine and promoting and developing the gastronomic values.

Recommendation and Specialty

In over 600 years of Ottoman cooking experience, Dolmabache takes pride in what they make, considering the food is made from fresh ingredients and serves a high class Turkish meal to every customer. Chef Selcuk recommends the top three specialties to try, which is an authentic Turkish Lamb Casserole called Coban Kavurma, Iskander Kebabs and the only one of a kind serving in Abu Dhabi- the Testi Kebab which is a mix of meat and vegetables cooked in a sealed clay pot.